Welcome to Human Trafficking NZ

There is very little information about the problem of human trafficking within New Zealand. This website aims to bring together information from a variety of sources and set it out simply for people to read


On this website you will find a wide range of information, including what organisations are involved in fighting this industry, how to identify victims of trafficking, and how to educate yourself about it all! I'd highly recommend reading the news section - It shows the ways in which New Zealand is affected by trafficking from a number of different angles. 


I believe that a key way to deal with this problem is by raising awareness. So this is just a part of my contribution towards doing just that. Please let me know if you have any additional information that would be useful to others, and I can put it up as soon as possible. Also please realise that as this page is relatively new, there will be constant updates being made - So do come back!


Me - I am a fourth year student about to complete a masters, with a thesis focusing on the link between human sex trafficking and peacekeeping. Some other topics I considered writing about were the link between human sex trafficking and major sporting events, or analysing whether human trafficking is an international security issue or not. I am currently an intern for Human Rights Society (formerly Hope for Justice), based in Seatle. I have also lived in Poland where I met up with other scholars in this area of study. 


I personally find it shocking that such an industry still exists given how much fight there has been for freedom in the last century or so. 



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